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Who are the top 10 Vietnamese streamers today? Streamer can be seen as a profession that makes huge income and has influences on young people. Together with MF Vietnam, let’s find out the 10 most influential streamers in Vietnam!

What is a streamer?

Streamer is a term used to describe a person who broadcasts themselves through a live stream on online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Streamer as a profession has caught people’s eye a few years ago, but only reached a certain audience (mostly game lovers). Nowadays, Vietnamese streamers are increasingly proving their impact and popularity. The number of viewers watching a streamer’s live broadcast can reach hundreds of thousands of people at the same time.

In order to its influences, streamer has slowly become a job that makes enormous income and is chosen by numerous youngsters.

The 10 most influential streamers in Vietnam

Cris Phan

Cris Phan (a.k.a Cris Devil Gamer), whose real name is Phan Le Vy Thanh, is one of the hottest streamers in Vietnam with more than 2.8 billion views at present. He made a strong impression when he entered the 100 most influential Youtubers in the Asia-Pacific region.

He is also the first person in the streamer community to receive Youtube Diamond Play Button as soon as his channel on the platform surpasses 10 million, and is the second Vietnamese to achieve this award (after Faptv).

Besides from game live streaming as the main content, Phan’s Youtube channel makes a hit with reaction videos by using informal and funny accents.

Regarding his private life, the love story developing into the marriage of him and hot girl Mai Quynh Anh also made young people admire.

Currently, his Youtube channel Cris Devil Game is reaching 10.1 million subscribers.


Misthy was born Le Thy Ngoc in 1996 in Dalat. She is a famous female streamer in the LOL community. Misthy captivates the audience with her strong personality and piercing on her lips.

As one of the first-generation streamers, it is understandable that Misthy’s supporters and followers are among the top streamers in Vietnam. The best friends Misthy and Linh Ngoc Dam are currently the most popular female streamers in Vietnam.

People give a lot of love to Misthy because of her smart playing style, funny talking way and cute straightforward voice.

In addition to content about game streaming, Misthy’s Youtube channel is quite diverse with videos about reactions, sharing comments on life… Besides, Misthy sometimes appears in music videos of famous singers such as Thanh Duy, Jack… and participates in numerous TV shows.

Misthy currently has 6.12 million subscribers on the Misthy TV channel.

Do Mixi

Do Mixi (real name Phung Thanh Do) is one of the most famous Vietnamese top streamers today. He is a member of “Four Streaming Princes” and is given the funny nickname by the fans as “Thanh Do the crooked”.

The popularity of Do Mixi in the streamer world is something that we don’t need to doubt. Any ranking of top streamers in Vietnam will most certainly have the name of Do Mixi.

The most attractive point of Do Mixi is his humor, frankness, and talking right to the heart of the matter. He also often gives confidants and comments on many issues in life with famous sayings “although crude but true”. He is also quite active in volunteer work during floods in the Central region or a charity bridge construction project in his hometown with the support of himself and fans in the Mixigaming family.

In 2020, he received two big awards from Youtube and Metub as Top 10 most outstanding creators of the year and his MV “Streaming forever” (Vietnamese name: Stream den bao gio) also entered the top 10 most popular music videos of the year.

He got married in 2014 and is now living happily with his wife and two beautiful children. Do Mixi’s sweet home regularly appears on his videos.

He currently owns 5.79 million subscribers on his official Youtube MixiGaming channel.


Pewpew, whose real name is Hoang Van Khoa, is a famous male streamer who is also a part of “Four Streaming Princes”. He studied Accounting in Australia before returning to Vietnam.

Pewpew started his gamer career with the Dota 2 game then gradually switched to other games like LOL, PUBG.

He is one of the first Vietnamese streamers to contribute to the development of the Vietnamese game streaming village. Pewpew impresses viewers with his frankness and unmistakable high-pitched voice. With a lot of experience and stumbles in his growing up process, he often makes videos to share and give advice to young people. 

Currently, Pewpew spends most of his time focusing on business that he cooperates with others, such as: Pewpew bread, laundry service, Sa Bi Chuong broken rice…

Pewpew’s Youtube channel has 3.62 million subscribers now.

Linh Ngoc Dam

Linh Ngoc Dam (real name Dam Thi Ngoc Linh) is one of the most famous female streamers in Vietnam. Linh Ngoc Dam was born 1996 in Hanoi. Contrary to her beautiful and baby-faced outlook, she is loved by her strong and cool personality.

Linh Ngoc Dam’s income is also in the top of streamers in Vietnam. In addition to her main job as a streamer and Youtuber, Linh Ngoc Dam also works as a photo model for a few projects, takes part in music videos and commercials for famous singers and brands, as well as joining TV shows. 

Linh Ngoc Dam frequently uploads videos about daily life, make, travel… with the number of views going up to millions.

Her Youtube channel has currently reached 2.67 subscribers.


ViruSs, whose real name is Dang Tien Hoang, is the last member of “Four Streaming Princes”. Before becoming a famous streamer and broadcaster in the League of Legends community, ViruSs had a period of studying abroad majoring in music in Korea. Now, besides being a streamer, he is also a talented musician and a successful businessman in various fields.

Unlike many other streamers, ViruSs is loved by his gentleness, maturity and less swearing. Furthermore, ViruSs is quite ambitious and has a very high will to progress.

ViruSs achieved Top 3 Follower, Top donate stars and Top 1 PUBG prizes in the Facebook Gaming Creator event held in 2018. He also attracted attention when he was voted as the hottest streamer by The New York Times in the Asia region.

Besides streaming games, ViruSs often makes videos about reaction to music videos of famous Vietnamese singers based on his own professional opinion.

Currently, ViruSs has just created a new Youtube channel after some problems with the previous one (having 4 million subscribers). This new channel ViruSs Official has 139 thousand subscribers and this number will certainly rise in the future.


Xemesis, whose real name is Nghiem Anh Hieu, is one the “Four Streaming Princes” and is known as the richest streamer in Vietnam. He used to live and study in the UK. He started his career as a streamer and emerged from live talks on Talk TV. Different from other streamers with difficult living status, Xemesis became a streamer purely because of his hobby, and he is not even a professional streamer or playing for any team. 

Charming, humor and a bit naive are the most attractive points in Xemesis’s streaming style. Besides being a streamer, he has additional income from many different sources. For that reason, he used to impress everyone with collection of luxury watches, cars and apartments.

Regarding personal life, people paid attention to his romantic love story with hot girl Xoai Non and the two held a dream-like wedding in November 2020. 

Xemesis’s Youtube channel currently surpasses 1.14 million subscribers.

Dung CT

Dung CT, whose real name is Nguyen Anh Dung, is one of the pioneers in the PS4 gaming trend. He started his streaming career in 2016 with a Youtube channel called Truc tiep game and is considered one of the most successful streamers at present.

He was nicknamed the Vietnamese version of “Linghu Chong” by the fans due to the fact that he often chooses to play offline games which goes against the current trend. The witty, humorous gameplay style and his famous line “Let’s F5” are what make Dung CT’s charisma.

Unlike other streamers taking part in events, Dung CT is one of the few streamers that focuses 100% on games. Even Pewpew has to recognize Dung CT’s talent in game streaming by giving a favorable comment: “In Vietnam, no streamer can confidently comment on himself more than Dung CT.”

He is also honored to represent Vietnam to attend the Youtube Fanfest event in 2020. 

Dung CT’s Truc tiep game channel currently has 1.62 million subscribers.

Teacher Ba (Thay giao Ba)

Thay giao Ba, whose real name is Phan Tuan Trung, is one of the first streamers of League of Legends in Vietnam having many impressive achievements. With the popularity accumulated from the time he was active in the community, when he later turned to work as a streamer, he immediately won the support and follow of many viewers who love League of Legends.

With his sense of humor and funny way of talking, Teacher always attracts a large number of viewers. He officially achieved the Youtube Gold Play Button after only one working on the platform. In addition to game streaming, he creates content about reaction videos to MVs or discussing outstanding issues in life.

He owns 1.45 million subscribers on his Youtube channel Ba Roi Beo.


QTV, whose real name is Nguyen Tran Tuong Vu, is the most famous LOL streamer with the nickname “Golden Dumbbell” and is considered a monument in the LOL community. He is also one of the gamers who owns the largest number of fans in the group of post-80s and 90s in Vietnam. During his streamer career, he has achieved many impressive awards in LOL and Dota. Every time he goes live streaming, he always receives a lot of attention from fans because of his sense of humor, friendly and funny way of talking.

Currently, he is concentrating on business as well as managing LOL teams.

Youtube channel QTV currently has 389 thousand subscribers.


Above is a summary of MF Vietnam about the 10 most influential streamers in Vietnam today. Which streamer impressed you the most? Each streamer has a different streaming style and strengths. You can completely make use of their popularity and influence to serve your marketing campaigns.

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